Advance your data analysis with EQuIPP™ Analytics, the premier reporting tool for insights at your fingertips. Your reports have never looked better.

EQuIPP™ Analytics

EQuIPP™ Analytics provides detailed trends, peer comparisons and targeted improvement opportunities for organizations to execute performance goals.

Data Visualizations

EQuIPP™ Analytics incorporates easy-to-follow graphics to visually represent your data across your customized reports. Intuitive dashboards also allows end users to find exactly what they are looking on each visit.

Intuitive Dashboards & Custom Reporting

EQuIPP™ Analytics reduces the amount of time within the organization that are spent on loading, handling, or analyzing performance information with easy to download reports and visual dashboards.

EQuIPP™ Analytics Advantages


Enable Yourself

EQuIPP™ Analytics enables organizations to have analytic capabilities without needing to add new employees and staff.


Dynamic Visuals

EQuIPP™ Analytics provides more deeply contextual information in a more dynamic visual format.


Evaluation and Strategy Tool

EQuIPP™ Analytics is primarily positioned to support corporate users in making strategic resource allocation decisions when planning and evaluating improvement efforts.


Answering Questions Quickly

EQuIPP™ Analytics is a platform for more responsive and flexible development, which clients can get answers to custom questions in a more timely fashion.

Customized Reports

EQuIPP™ Analytics provides intuitive dashboards for visual data representation that can export to customized reports for business review. Strategy teams for Pharmacy Chains, PSAOs, Buying Groups, Health Plans and PBMs will find value in simplified reporting.

Heat Maps

Heat Maps can generate color coded selected measures across your store area, even down to the county level.

Pie Charts

Pie Chart can visually breakdown the percentage of health plan contracts in your system.

Trend Lines

Trend lines compare performance over time for the selected group and the selected measure.

Bar Graphs

Rainbow your performance for a quality measure with bar graphs representing specific months in a timeline.

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